A Path to Growth and Stability

Our vision, resources, capital, and organizational synergies make us a unique and competitive investment company across the International arena.

CIMA Gives

CIMA International is dedicated to using it’s time, resources, and capital in order to improve local communities and the lives of those in need. We’re excited to announce our first charitable project, The Special Needs Housing Foundation.  


CIMA International Projects

We have built sustained growth and stability even in uncertain economic times by diversifying our funding into several industries where we have created a significant competitive advantage.

Creating Stability & Growth

Whether your fiscal goals include stability, income, or growth, CIMA International continually analyses opportunities that will give you the opportunity to properly manage your portfolio objectives.

Creating Sustainability

Asset Management

Asset Management Everyone has specific investment goals. CIMA International utilizes insight and risk management expertise to help institutional and private investors target opportunity and achieve their investment objectives.

Team Work

Team Work At CIMA we create lifetime partnerships. As a partner, you have access to our legal, accounting, financial, management, and technology experts to name a few. We create synergy by bringing creative minds together with one common goal, a successful partnership.


Philanthropy CIMA strives to improve its communities and share our good fortune with others in need. We assist investors and nonprofits in building charitable strategies. We continually look to support and create philanthropic partnerships.